Thursday, March 24, 2016

The end of Series 2 and the award ceremony.

After an exciting Series 2, the winners are known.

For the titel of Grand Master of Boardgames it was a close race between Sebastian and Mike. Eventually Sebastian made a statement by getting a double Catan victory on the last day of the competition.. Mike had to settle for Battlemaster of Boardgames.

Despite the last 2 victories of Sebastian in Catan, Mike can still call himself Master of Catan.

Ibe was able to hold off Sven and got the title Master of Boardgames with just 1 point more and an equal ranked average.

Ibe also received the title Master of 7 Wonders with just 1 point more than Sebastian.

De outcome of the Catan Cities and Knights was clear, Sebastian got the title Master of Catan Cities and Knights by a large margin.

Also in Powergrid Sebastian gained a convincing victory and he can call himself Master of Powergrid.

With this it it looks like Sebastian has a monopoly on the more heavy games.

The consolation prizes go to Sven, with the meritorious title Lord of Boardgames and Kenau with the title Guardian of Boardgames.

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and exciting Series 2.

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