Saturday, July 18, 2020

Series 5 Finished

Series 5 is finished, Sven took First place again in the Overall Boardgame Ranking and can call himself Jedi Grand Master during Series 6.
Ibe was able to take first place in Catan Cities and Knights and can call himself Jedi Master of Cities and Knights.
Roy placed Third in the Overall Ranking and earns his first Master title: Jedi Sage Master.
And Finally Jona made it to Sith Lord in the Overall Boardgame Ranking.

Congratz all, and let's hope Series 6 will be as fun and exciting as Series 5.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Series 4 - Game 43

Hey fellow Boarders

Last game was a Trial Game of Kemet ( as it was Roy's second game ), but a good one.
Ibe took an early lead in points with an aggressive Red strategy, but not much later Sven his White Economy build start working well. Jeroen tried to block and attack Sven a couple of times, but that didn't work out very well. Ibe thought he still had time and was amassing a powerful army, but Sven managed to quickly finish and win the game before Ibe could get his troops in place.

All in all a great game of Kemet.

Next time it will be a full Ranked Game and there will be some scores to settle :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Series 4 - Game 6 and 7 - Kemet and Alhambra

Hey Boarders

Friday we had another fun boardgame evening.

First we played Kemet, this was our last prototype trial game, to iron out all the rule issues and implement our final houserule draft.

Regardless of the rule implementation stuff, it was a fun game. Ibe took the lead early with an offensive red strategy. Jeroen tried to play out his defensive strategy with blue but had a hard time keeping up his defense against the agressive attacks from Ibe. Meanwhile Sven was trying to build up his economy strategy with white but he had to change his plans several times to try and slow down Ibe. Sven managed to hold off Ibe from Vicory for a while, but in the end, there was no stopping the red warmachine and Ibe won the game with Sven in second place.

Next up was Alhambra, where Ibe took again an early lead with a long wall, but Sven and Jeroen were able to keep up and in the final count Sven won the game with Ibe going second.

I am looking forward to play our first Kemet ranked game next week.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Series 4, the beginning

Hello Boarders

On Wednesday Series 4 took off.

It was a fun evening with some 4 and 5 player Catan games.
Sven dominated by accumulating a total of 32 points in Catan.

Sunday we will have a rematch, hopefully the other Boarders will make it a bit harder for Sven.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The end of Series 3 and the award ceremony.

After another fun and exciting Series, the winners are known.

Both Sven and Ibe where in the running for the title of Grand Master of Boardgames but the final game evening couldn't make the difference for Ibe and so Sven took the title Grand Master of Boardgames home while Ibe had to settle for Battlemaster of Boardgames and Mike for Master of Boardgames.

Sven also took the title Master of Catan, while Mike got the title Master of Catan Cities and Knights.

Ibe was able to hold off Sven in 7 Wonders and got the title Master of 7 Wonders.

The consolation prizes go to Sebastian with the Lord of Boardgames title and Jeroen and Jona whom both gotten the Knight rank during this series.

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and exciting Series 3.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Series 3, returning from winter break

Hey all

After another long winter break, we continued series 3 with 2 Catan games.
Sven was able to go home with a double victory, and with this, he took 3rd place from Ibe in the Catan ranking.
In the Overall ranking both Ibe and Sven jumped over Sebastian, claiming second and third place respectively, while Sebastian falls to fourth place.

It will be interesting to see if Sven can hold on to his momentum, because if Mike loses more points in his stronghold, Catan, then both Ibe and Sven will have a shot at the number one position in the overall ranking.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Series 3, returning after summer break

After a long summer break we returned for business, or better yet, boardgames :-)
We did this with a series of games, from Powergrid to Catan to 7 Wonders and Puerto Rico.

We also got 2 new Padawans, Jona and Emily, both avid boardgamers and a welcome addition to Band of Boarders.

Looking forward to more boardgames and may the Dice be with you.