Saturday, September 23, 2017

Series 4 - Game 6 and 7 - Kemet and Alhambra

Hey Boarders

Friday we had another fun boardgame evening.

First we played Kemet, this was our last prototype trial game, to iron out all the rule issues and implement our final houserule draft.

Regardless of the rule implementation stuff, it was a fun game. Ibe took the lead early with an offensive red strategy. Jeroen tried to play out his defensive strategy with blue but had a hard time keeping up his defense against the agressive attacks from Ibe. Meanwhile Sven was trying to build up his economy strategy with white but he had to change his plans several times to try and slow down Ibe. Sven managed to hold off Ibe from Vicory for a while, but in the end, there was no stopping the red warmachine and Ibe won the game with Sven in second place.

Next up was Alhambra, where Ibe took again an early lead with a long wall, but Sven and Jeroen were able to keep up and in the final count Sven won the game with Ibe going second.

I am looking forward to play our first Kemet ranked game next week.

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