Monday, September 11, 2017

The end of Series 3 and the award ceremony.

After another fun and exciting Series, the winners are known.

Both Sven and Ibe where in the running for the title of Grand Master of Boardgames but the final game evening couldn't make the difference for Ibe and so Sven took the title Grand Master of Boardgames home while Ibe had to settle for Battlemaster of Boardgames and Mike for Master of Boardgames.

Sven also took the title Master of Catan, while Mike got the title Master of Catan Cities and Knights.

Ibe was able to hold off Sven in 7 Wonders and got the title Master of 7 Wonders.

The consolation prizes go to Sebastian with the Lord of Boardgames title and Jeroen and Jona whom both gotten the Knight rank during this series.

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and exciting Series 3.

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